Mining Committee

Peter is Chairman of Peter Hambro Limited, the mining finance business that he founded 28 years ago.  Having started his commercial life as a banker at his family’s Hambros Bank in the City of London, he moved to the world of precious metals in 1980, with Mocatta & Goldsmid.  Here, as Deputy Managing Director and Group ExcCo Member, he was involved in the buying, selling, borrowing and lending of gold, silver and platinum with central banks, investors, miners, jewelers, industrial users, and many others. 


This business included mining-finance and subsequently led him to mine-ownership and, amongst others, to the founding of Petropavlovsk PLC, which has now produced more than 10 million ounces of gold in Russia.


In 2017, Peter Hambro left Petropavlovsk and returned to Peter Hambro Ltd., where he is still involved in mine ownership and mine finance; always as a principal.  

He is also chairman of several other family businesses, notably: Sundeala Ltd., Tidal Transit Holdings Ltd., and Heads Farm Partnership.


On 27th September 2018, Petropavlovsk announced that Mr. Peter Hambro has once again returned to the company and has been appointed President and Senior Adviser to its Board.

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Peter Hambro, Chairman of the Mining Committee