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The British-Kazakh Society releases 'The Sounds of the Great Steppe' mini-series about traditional Kazakh musical instruments.

Kazakh music traditions have been serving as an important form of Kazakh musical culture for centuries. The role of folk music in Kazakh society is a great one and its popularity constantly grows across the generations. Younger people enjoy learning how to play folk instruments, learn secrets of folk singing and express a strong interest in keeping old traditions.

Sybyzgy is a wind instrument. In the past,  it was used by shepherds in far-away pastures in solitude. Today, this instrument is one of the favorites and is widely used during weddings, newborn celebrations, and to welcome important guests. The performances with the Sybyzgy normally include two-voice melodies: the first voice comes from the instrument, while the second one comes from the guttural sound of the performer. Because of the simultaneous performance of both voices, the playing technique is proven to be very difficult.

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