Kazakhstan Representative

The British-Kazakh Society has significantly increased its activities over the past few years. Our mission is to promote bilateral relations between the United Kingdom and Kazakhstan across a broad range of mutual interests. As a result of this growth, BKS has appointed a Kazakhstan Representative:

Yerlan Jambulatov

12/1 Kunaev Street, office 215



Cell: +7 778 790 5162

E-mail: yerlan.jambulatov@gmail.com


Atyrau Representative

The British-Kazakh Society recently has significantly increased its activities in the energy and mining industries, thus, acknowledging the importance of developing mutual interest and relations in these industries for Kazakhstan and the UK, BKS has appointed a Representative with over 20 years of experience in the energy sector in the oil capital of Kazakhstan - Atyrau.

Nicholas Pomeroy 



Cell: + 7 701 218 4961

E-mail: nicholas.pomeroy@anglokazakh.com

Nicholas P.png