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BKS Webinar: Metals for the Green Economy

The British-Kazakh Society hosted a webinar chaired by David Skeels (BKS, Director)


This webinar focused on Kazakhstan's Mining sector's Green Metals. Taking into consideration the importance of green initiatives, the webinar discussed one of the largest industries of Kazakhstan - the Metal Industry, but with a great focus on Green Metals for a sustainable society, potential opportunities for investment, development, and innovation. The webinar was organised in partnership with the UK Department for International Trade.


The webinar was moderated by:

Mark Smith - UK Department for International Trade, Head of Mining


The invited speakers were:

Reimar Seltmann - Head of CERCAMS, Natural History Museum - 'An introduction to metals for the Green Economy'

Nick Bridgen - CEO of Ferro-Alloy, Gurnsey - 'Green Minerals'

Victor Popov - CEO of Dinatron - 'Production of rare and rare earth metals on the territory of Kazakhstan'

Anastasia Bolton - Business Manager Extractive Industries Satellite Applications Catapult - 'Space applications for the mining sector'

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