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BKS Webinar: Development of Geological Exploration in Kazakhstan

The British-Kazakh Society hosted a webinar on the topic of the development of geological exploration in Kazakhstan. At this webinar, the discussion between the speakers focused on Kazakhstan's mining industry and the market forces affecting the industry's development. The webinar as always covered many interesting topics such as investment & cooperation opportunities, current issues and possible solutions for them, and the overall market situation that has been affected by various circumstances that have happened in the world in the last few years. Webinar recording is available for the BKS members in the 'Recorded Webinars' section of the website.

David Skeels - BKS, Director

Mike Beare - Managing Director, SRK Consulting, Almaty

Talgat Satiyev - Chairman of the ''Geology Committee of Kazakhstan'' - Welcome Remarks
Zhanat Karybaev - General Director, KazGeoInform - Establishment of the National Geological Survey
Nikki Smith - British Geological Survey (BGS) - The Importance of Geological Mapping and Data Bases
Alex Walker - CEO, East Star Resources, Almaty - Junior mining experience in Kazakhstan
Malik Nishanbayev - Head of Mining, AIX - The platform for Junior Mining Companies as an Important Tool Impacting the Development of Geological Industry and Expansion of the Resource Base
Vilen Adzhivefayev - Co-Founding Partner at Haller Lomax Covering regulatory, Corporate and M&A Practice with a Focus on Mining Industry - Overview of the Business Climate for Geological Works

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