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BKS Webinar: Kazakhstan's Art Heritage

Kazakh art, design, and architecture have a chequered past. From nomadic days through the Soviet era to ultra-modern Astana, it is as diverse as it is complex. Where does the future lie?

We start this important topic with a review of past achievements on the example of a brilliant versatile Kazakh artist V. Tverdokhlebov and a discussion of current challenges from leading Kazakh experts and get acquainted with British experience in the field of art heritage protection and culture management.

Moderator: David Hardy, Chairman British Kazakh Society Education Group

Olga Baturina - Art Historian, Professor of the Department of History and Theoretical Art, T. Zhurgenov’s National Art University

Dennis Keen - Art Researcher, Art Blogger, and Educator

Anara Forrester - Founder of Tverdokhlebov Foundation, Art Gallery Executive,

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