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BKS Webinar: Kazakhstan and the UK - Critical Minerals - Matching Requirements

The British-Kazakh Society in cooperation with the UK Department for Business and Trade hosted a mining group webinar. The event will be chaired by David Skeels (BKS, Director). At this webinar we explored the current situation in the critical minerals sectors in Kazakhstan and where it is heading to. Moreover, we also discussed the UK industry progress with critical minerals in the recent years. We had a presentation from KazAtomProm to hear on their initiatives in the rare earth elements sector. Lastly, we had an assessment from British Geological Survey of the critical minerals sphere.

David Skeels - Director, BKS

Assel Zhanbulatova - Mining Lead, UK Department of Business & Trade, Astana.

Arkhat Kurmanbekov - Academic Secretary, National Centre for Technological Foresight, Ministry of Industry and Construction - "Update on Critical Minerals in Kazakhstan"
David Schofield - Director National and International Geoscience, British Geological Survey - "BGS Assessment of the Critical Minerals Sphere"
Armanbek Omirgali - Director of the Department of Scientific and Technology projects, KazAtomProm - "KazAtomProm’s initiatives in the Rare Earth Elements sector"
Jeff Townsend - Co-Founder, Critical Minerals Association - "UK industry progress with Critical Minerals"

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