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BKS Webinar: Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Address the BKS Law Group's Inaugural Event

Join BKS Chairman Rupert Goodman and the BKS Law Group Chairman Mark Beer to hear from thought leaders, including the Chairman of the newly formed Constitutional Court, about the recent Constitutional Reforms and what they mean for you and your business. This was the first event of the BKS Law Group, which supports the British-Kazakh Society in the promotion of relations between the United Kingdom and Kazakhstan with particular reference to the legal and justice sectors, as well as acting as the focal point for the British-Kazakh Society and its members in relation to legal and judicial matters.

At this webinar, we had Rupert Goodman DL, HE Erlan Idrissov, and Jonathan Layfield speaking about the launch of the BKS Law Group, which was followed by Kairat Mami and Elvira Azimova talking about the potential impacts of the recent Constitutional Amendments to the people of Kazakhstan and their Human Rights. Lastly, Michael Strauss from EBRD covered the policy discussion regarding the Constitutional Changes

Rupert Goodman DL - BKS, Chairman
David Skeels - BKS, Director

Mark Beer OBE - Seven Pillars Law, Co-Founder, BKS Law Group, Chairman

HE Erlan Idrissov - Ambassador of Kazakhstan to the UK - Launch of the BKS Law Group
Jonathan Layfield - Deputy Head of Mission to Kazakhstan - Launch of the BKS Law Group
Chairman Kairat Mami - Chairman of Kazakhstan’s Constitutional Court - Constitutional Reforms – Impact on the people of Kazakhstan
Ombudsmen Elvira Azimova - Commissioner for Human Rights in Kazakhstan - Constitutional Reforms – What does it mean for Human Rights in KZ
Michael Strauss - General Counsel at the EBRD - Policy Discussion about the Constitutional Reforms

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