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BKS Webinar: Gas Development in Kazakhstan

At this webinar, experts from different perspectives discussed gas development in Kazakhstan. They covered many important factors such as gas shortage threat, new expected resources, and export/import opportunities. In particular, but not limited to, the experts and government representatives pointed out their views on how the current situation in the world would affect the gas industry in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Moreover, panelists drew a parallel between the gas and renewables sectors.

David Skeels - BKS, Director

John Morrow - BKS Oil, Gas and Renewables Group Committee Member

Anatoly Tegisbayev - Chair of the Expert Council, KazakhGaz, Astana - "KazakhGaz and industry activities and plans"

Ashley Sherman - Research Director, Caspian & Europe, Wood Mackenzie Edinburgh - "Forecast of gas production in Kazakhstan"

Laurent Ruseckas - Executive Director, Gas, Power & Renewables, S&P Global. London - "Turbulent times in global gas: The broader context for gas development in Kazakhstan"

Maira Karassayeva - Principal Banker, Green Economy Transition. EBRD. Astana - "Reducing GHG emissions in natural gas systems in Kazakhstan"

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