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Business Networking Session - Kazakhstan and the Green Agenda

BKS Oil, Gas and Renewables Group in cooperation with Enyo Law LLP hosted a business networking session on the topic ''Kazakhstan and the Green Agenda''. This was our first physical event since the start of the COVID19 restrictions.

The session was hosted by David Skeels - BKS, Director and George Maling gave a welcome speech on behalf of Enyo Law LLP.

Aida Sitdikova - Director Energy Eurasia, MEA, Sustainability Infrastructure Group, EBRD, London

Cristian Carraretto - Associate Director, Sustainable Resource Investments, EBRD, London - Decarbonization and Low Carbon Pathways
Kate Mallinson - MD Prism, London - Barriers to Progress
Boris Telyatnikov - Partner, Enyo Law, London - ESG and Holding Company issues

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