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Water in Kazakhstan and Central Asia

The British-Kazakh Society (BKS) hosted an environmental issues webinar chaired by David Skeels (BKS, Director) focusing on the Water Industry as a risk and opportunity for the business sector. One of the toughest places in Kazakhstan - the Aral Sea has indeed become a significant issue for Kazakhstan as well as other countries in Central Asia. Underdeveloped agriculture and water drainage systems on this territory bring remarkable issues to the governments and businesses. Taking into consideration that according to the experts, water has the potential for political tensions in the future, this topic has been recognised as a priority by the BKS. At this webinar we had experts from Central Asia addressing the issue of water and highlighting how it affects the business sector.

Dr. Bulat K. Yessekin - Regional Coordinator of the Central Asian Platform on Water and Climate Change

Ekaterina Miroshnik - Director Infrastructure Europe, EBRD, London - EBRD View on Water Issues in Central Asia
Anarbek Matisakov - Deputy Head, Committee for Water Resources and Ecology, Kyrgyz Parliament, Bishkek - Kyrgyzstan Overview and Subsurface Water Recourses Management
Bakhtiyor Muhamedjanov - Second Secretary, Tajik Embassy, London - Water Issues in Tajikistan
Vadim Sokolov - Head of the Agency IFAS (International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea), Tashkent - Uzbekistan and the Aral Sea

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