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BKS Webinar: Progression from Kazakhstan High-Schools to Top UK Universities

The British-Kazakh Society hosted an Education group webinar. The even was chaired and moderated by Mr David Hardy (BKS, Director and Education Group Chairman). At this webinar our speakers discussed different routes that students in Kazakhstan can use to access top UK education. At this webinar we had Dr Sophie Mu from University College London (UCL) who will provide us with specific information regarding how students in Kazakhstan can get into UCL. Moreover, we had Mr Robert Taylor and Ms Nadia Trubova from British Council and Mr Yerik Berikov from Specturm International School in Astana.

Chair and Moderator:
David Hardy - BKS, Director and Education Group Chairman

Robert Taylor - British Council, Director - ‘Overview of British Council’
Nadia Trubova - British Council, Head of Education - ‘Access to UK education via transnational routes’
Botagoz Seitbekova - Department for Business and Trade, Trade Advisor - ‘Three routes to access UK University from Kazakhstan’
Yerik Berikov - College and Career Guidance Counsellor, Spectrum International School - ‘Support from Kazakh schools given to the students in terms of finding a relevant path’
Dr Sophie Mu - Senior Liaison and Recruitment Officer, University College London (UCL) - ‘Undergraduate admission, studies, and perspectives’

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