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The Energy Sector - Kazakhstan, Central Asia, and China

The British-Kazakh Society hosted an Oil, Gas, & Renewables group webinar. The event was chaired by David Skeels (BKS, Director).

At this webinar, our speakers discussed an overall relationship between Kazakhstan, Central Asia, and China in the oil and gas sector as well as the Chinese interests in oil and gas fields and energy projects in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The logistics of energy transportation to China from the mentioned regions was also discussed as one of the most topical subjects at this time. We had speakers providing their opinions on the mentioned topics both from the Chinese view and from the Kazakhstani view.

David Skeels - Director, BKS

Anatoly Leontiev - BKS OG&R Committee Member & Senior Regional Corporate Affairs Advisor for CIS Countries, Shell

Iskander Akylbayev - Li Ka-Shing Scholar, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy MPA 2022 and Executive Director, Kazakhstan Council of International Relations - "Overall relationship with China: A view from Kazakhstan"
Prof XU Qinhua - Vice Dean, National Academy of Development and Strategy, Center for International Energy and Environmental Strategy Studies, Renmin University of China - "Kazakhstan and Central Asia Energy: A view from China"
Dena Sholk - Independent Energy Analyst. Former General Director of IHS Markit Kazakhstan LLP - "Chinese interests in oil and gas fields and energy projects in Kazakhstan and Central Asia"
John Roberts - Energy Security Specialist, Methinks Ltd - "Energy transportation to China from Kazakhstan and Central Asia-an update"

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